Hurt Locker producer brings the pain (and lawsuits) to 5,000 suspected pirates

We heard earlier this month that Hurt Locker producer Voltage Pictures had teamed with US Copyright Group in an effort to go after individual BitTorrent users who downloaded the film. Now, it looks like the lawsuits have been filed, and boy, is there a lot of paperwork to go around. The lawsuit is targeting 5,000 defendants, currently unidentified but might soon be unmasked via subpoenas issued to the related ISPs. And what might the damages be? The Hollywood Reporter, Esq. blog cites a previous suit over the film Far Cry, where the plaintiffs demanded a minimum of $1,500 from each defendant, up to $150,000 for cases that make it to trial -- and no, there isn't a body suit in the US Army EOD unit strong enough to make it go away.