Insomniac details canceled 'Girl With a Stick' project

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Insomniac details canceled 'Girl With a Stick' project
There are still many questions surrounding Insomniac's mysterious new multiplatform game with EA Partners. Perhaps that's why Insomniac Games released a new episode of the Full Moon Show podcast all about its canceled game, code-named I:5, or Girl With a Stick. (Embedded after the break.)

Comparisons can be drawn between the company then and now. Company head Ted Price explained that after "several years of just making sequels" the opportunity to work on something new was quite exciting. "I think we were all looking for something different, because we've been working on Spyro for years, and we were thinking 'we got to branch out,'" he explained in the show. Making "a brand new IP on a new platform was a big challenge, especially since we made the decision to try and avoid platformers."

Insomniac clearly had some ambitious ideas for Girl With a Stick, described most succinctly as "Tomb Raider meets Zelda." Even now, the concept sounds very different from any game Insomniac has released. "I think we had a very conscious line we drew where they couldn't have technology," John Fiorito explained. "Very different from Ratchet and away from Spyro, which had castles and other fantastic things. This was much more primitive."

But why didn't it end up seeing the light of day? "It wasn't fun."

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