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LG Optimus Q launching with Android 1.6? (update: yep!)

LG Optimus Q launching with Android 1.6? (update: yep!)
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|May 28, 2010 12:29 PM
You'd like to think that any Android device launching these days would come equipped with an absolute bare minimum of Eclair, but that's not the case; Dell's Streak, for example, will be coming out of the gate with Android 1.6 -- and seemingly so will LG's LU2300 Optimus Q. We were just handed this rather interesting spec sheet that says the phone's loaded with 1.6 on no uncertain terms, a stark change from LG's official (and someone unhelpful) line that it may or may not launch with 2.1. At the very least, we'd hope that an upgrade is in the works -- but hey, at least it comes with LG's trick Air Sync service, which is a pretty sweet deal.

[Thanks, Seth G.]

Update: LG's Korean-language press release from a few days ago matches up with the specs they're showing in South Korea right now (pictured), so it's confirmed -- 1.6 at launch, 2.1 later in the Summer. Thanks, Kunal G.!