Nexon acquires controlling interest in GameHi

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|05.28.10

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Nexon acquires controlling interest in GameHi
Earlier this month, Nexon acquired NDOORS Interactive, but apparently that's just the beginning of their acquisition spree. The company behind popular free-to-play titles MapleStory and Mabinogi has just acquired GameHi, makers of Dekaron among others. The deal reportedly took place for 73.2 billion won (nearly 60 million dollars in US currency), which looks to be higher than GameHi's overall revenue for 2009 (which was reported at 41.5 billion won). No word yet on how this will affect any services for GameHi's games.

Considering the recent NDOORS acquisition, Nexon seems to be taking advantage of their dominant share to buy out several smaller free-to-play developers in both the Korean and American marketplace. All signs point to their acquisitions focusing on developers, which raises the question of whether Nexon is aiming in the direction of overarching companies such as NCsoft, with several owned studios working with the central company. It's food for thought, although the promise of the quick-approaching Vindictus certainly dissuades any notions that Nexon's own developers are sitting idle.
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