Intel 'Canoe Lake' prototype netbook preview

Tablets may be attracting all of the attention right now, but it's clear that Intel's keeping a broad focus on mobile computing. During today's PC Client keynote at Computex, the company took a moment to talk up Canoe Lake, an experimental platform that'll enable 720p video playback on a machine that's barely thicker than a couple of envelopes stacked together. We got a chance to peek the prototype on hand in Taipei, and we were told that Intel designed the device you're peering at above completely in-house as a way to sell PC makers on the idea. They also affirmed that a GMA 3150 GPU was inside, and that the platform was capable of handling high-def multimedia. The machine was indeed functional, but few tricks were shown -- the 10-inch display looked suitable enough, though it would certainly take us a few days to stop noticing that monster gap between the keyboard and LCD. But hey, you've got to cram those components / battery / fairy dust somewhere, right? Look for a plethora of Canoe Lake-based systems (probably fashioned like the gapless netbook at the tail end of the gallery below) to start shipping in "the second half of this year" from companies that Intel simply can't name as of yet.

Updated: Apparently NetbookNews grabbed some video of the thin netbook. Hit the break for a walk through.