Intel HD graphics to support 3D this summer, 30 more WiDi laptops on the way

Intel's integrated graphics are about to get a stereoscopic shot in the arm this summer. Although the Computex presentation today wasn't clear on whether it would come in the form of a firmware update or all-new hardware, we're being promised the ability to watch 3D movies straight off Blu-ray discs. Mind you, the GMA HD graphics aren't aimed at competing with NVIDIA's 3D Vision or any other heavyweights, not least because they'll be relying on polarized lenses to generate that extra sense of depth. Intel had even better news regarding its Wireless Display tech -- which throws your laptop's picture onto a nearby HDTV -- as it will soon be spreading out to "over 30" laptop models and going global. You can count on Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung to bundle this Google TV-killing functionality in with their portable computers sooner rather than later.

Update: A bunch of the new WiDi laptops were on display at Intel's Computex booth. Looks like we are in for some new ones from HP, Acer and Dell. Check out the gallery below. %Gallery-94341%