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NVIDIA CEO says Android is an OS to 'unite behind,' will be better tailored to tablets this Fall

Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer may think that Android on tablets is still just an experiment, but it looks like NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang would beg to differ. Speaking at Computex, he said that "Windows is too big and it's too full featured for smartbooks and tablets," and that Android is instead finally an "operating system to unite behind." He also admits, however, that Android isn't quite ready for primetime in its current incarnation when it comes to tablets, but he says that Google knows this, and recognizes that Android "has to evolve, and be enhanced in certain capabilities, in order to be a good tablet operating system." According to Huang, "we'll have to wait until the Fall" for that to happen, but he seems confident that it will indeed happen, adding that the "operating systems are coming together" and "the devices are coming together."