NVIDIA shows 16 new Optimus laptops at Computex, teases GTX 460M GPU

Just in case you were wondering where and when you might get a taste of the Optimus elixir, NVIDIA has handed us a detailed list of Computex debutants that will be taking the graphics switching technology with them to retail. A total of sixteen new Optimus machines are on show in Taipei, and although ASUS is still the biggest purveyor (with six SKUs, not counting previously announced products), Lenovo and Acer have also jumped on board, with the IdeaPad Y460 and a pair of Packard Bell EasyNotes, respectively. Notably, the FX700 above from MSI is marked as using an "unannounced" next-gen graphics chip, which we suspect might be the GTX 460M, a mobile GPU that NVIDIA is showing, but not talking about yet. Guess that'll be slotting in just below the recently unveiled GTX 480M. We've got pictorial evidence of the 460M's existence after the break, along with the full list of new Optimus-ized machines, which you can also scope out in the gallery below.%Gallery-94167%

Lenovo Y460 (14", GeForce 330M GPU, 1GB)
Packard Bell EasyNote TX86 (15.6 inch, GeForce 330M GPU, 1GB)
Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly s (13.3", GeForce 310M, 512MB)
Gateway EC39C (13.3, GeForce 310M, 512MB)
Gateway ID49C (14", GeForce 330M, 1GB)
MSI CX720 (17.3", GeForce 310M, 1GB)
MSI FX700 (17.3, an unidentified next-generation GeForce GPU)
Asus P52 (15.6", GeForce 310M, 1GB)
Asus U35 (13.3", GeForce 310M, 1GB)
Asus U45 (14", GeForce 310M, 1GB)
Asus N43 (14", an unidentified next-generation GeForce GPU)
Asus N73 (17.3", GeForce 335M, 1GB)
Asus N53Jn (15.6",GeForce 335M, 1GB VRAM)
Compal NCL61 (for you to buy and add your logo (14", GeForce 325M, 2GB))
Haier 7G (13.3, GeForce 305M, 512MB)
Hasee TW9A CT (15.6", GeForce 335M, 1GB)