Samsung NX5 becomes official little brother to NX10 hybrid DSLR

So you like Samsung's NX10 pseudo-DSLR camera, but can't quite reach up to its price point? Good old uncle Sammy is looking out for you with this here budget-friendly model -- the NX5 replaces the AMOLED display with a standard 3-inch LCD, but looks to be keeping all the other important features. That means you're still getting an electronic viewfinder and that 14.6 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor -- which collected plenty of review approbation -- inside a compact body, plus the same selection of NX-mount lenses to choose from. A €699 ($855) launch price might not seem like a great deal, but we've found its elder brother retailing for $619 on together with a kit lens, so expect prices to tumble downwards shortly after this shooter's release in late June.