PlayStation 3 is finally HDTV ready with an HDMI cable pack-in for Father's Day

It's always seemed a bit ridiculous to us that a console that promised "full HD features from the start" was never capable of playing games or movies in high definition right out of the box, but this special Father's Day PS3 bundle fixes that with an HDMI cable packed in. Of the many PlayStation 3 SKUs so far, none have come with anything other than standard def-only composite cables, requiring add-on component cables (the ones for PS2 always worked) for 720p/1080i or an aftermarket HDMI cable for 1080p, and retailers have been only too happy to limit their supply to $40+ options. The Xbox 360 used to earn a gold star for including component cables and later HDMI in some packages, but recently dropped HD cables in the name of saving a few bucks. We're sure you've already got Monoprice and other bargain cable sellers bookmarked, but at least we can rest easy knowing Dad can enjoy LittleBigPlanet or a Blu-ray movie on his HDTV without having to run back out for the proper cables.