A favored SWG developer moves to SWTOR

Massively has learned some exciting news for Star Wars: The Old Republic and sad news for Star Wars Galaxies. According to his Linked-In profile, the fan-beloved developer, Matt Boudreaux, landed a new job at Bioware's Austin studios working on SWTOR. Boudreaux, known as AdeptStrain on the SOE forums, implemented some of the most ground-breaking additions to the aging game Star Wars Galaxies, such as new Jedi and melee animations, the Appearance Tab, and the Chronicles System. His role on the SWG team was solidified by his role in creating some of the best instances like Hoth and Death Troopers.

His wit and easygoing demeanor gained AdeptStrain quick rapport among fans. Roleplayers, in particular, have a vested interest in his work because of the added character customization given by the Appearance Tab. Some players are even considering moving to SWTOR just because AdeptStrain is now a part of the team. A loss for SWG truly is a gain for SWTOR.

Based on their job postings, it does not seem that SOE are looking for a replacement, but when they do, he or she will have big shoes to fill. We at Massively congratulate Matt on his new position and wish him well.

[Thanks to Aphrodite via for the tip!]