AT&T extends olive branch, will let all iPad orders before June 7 get $30 unlimited data plan

We'd previously heard some nasty rumors that Apple appeared to be delaying iPad shipments until June 7, ostensibly to prevent a bum rush of people grandfathering into AT&T's $30 unlimited dead-plan-walking. Whether that's really what was going on, we may never know -- but the carrier's making things right today by saying that it'll let anyone ordering an iPad prior to June 7 get in on the $30 plan whether they've received their unit or not (and let's be honest, if you order now, you're definitely not getting it by Monday). When asked for an exact cutoff time, AT&T told us that you can push it all the way to 11:59PM on the 6th, so procrastinate all you want, you... procrastinator, you.