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Motorola Droid gets early Android 2.2 ROM, ready to download... now!

What shall we call this, Frodroid or Droyo? Either way, an Android 2.2 update has been made available for Motorola's all-conquering slider, and it awaits eager firmware upgraders at the download link below. Produced by the good folks at My Droid World, this includes almost everything you'll need to get your Froyo on in style, though it excludes WiFi support at this stage. Such is the way with unofficial upgrades, but if you really need consolation, there's a whole set of superuser privileges to explore as this bad boy comes pre-rooted. You could of course skip this whole community business and wait for Moto's official update, but that company's idea of the "near future" is about as precise as the length of a piece of string.