Is AT&T moving up your iPhone upgrade date?

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Is AT&T moving up your iPhone upgrade date?
In anticipation of a new iPhone coming out soon, I visited my online AT&T account information last week to see when I'd be available for an upgrade. As of last Wednesday, the upgrade page showed that I'd be available for a new phone upgrade on 9/21/2010.

This morning we received a tip from TUAW reader Omar, who noted that his date had been moved up from late October of 2010 to "discounted equipment pricing when you sign a new 2-year commitment." That intrigued me, so I decided to check for myself.

Sure enough, the upgrade page for my AT&T account now shows the information seen above (account and phone number information deleted to protect the blogger). While we're not sure that this offer has been extended to all iPhone 3GS owners on AT&T's system, it's certainly showing up for a lot of people. Well, at least two of us...

Note that you don't have to sign into your AT&T online account info page. Just call *639# from your iPhone, and within less than a minute you'll receive a text message outlining your upgrade options.

How about you? Has AT&T changed your iPhone upgrade date? Let us know! As for me, this really makes the thought of getting a new iPhone HD attractive, even though I won't be able to (legally) tether my iPad through it.

Update: Our own Megan Lavey reports getting the alert message shown here.
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