One of tomorrow's announcements? iPhone HD (Update - it's a fake)

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Pursuitist claimed to have photos from a "European insider at TBWA/Chiat/Day," the advertising agency for Apple worldwide. We'll send you to Pursuitist to view the photos in deference to their find, but we are showing you a photo (above) snapped inside of Moscone Center that displays the iPhone HD.

Pursuitist also notes that the device will be offered in all white and all black, although the Moscone photo appears to show the phone in a rainbow of colors. Other features include a front-facing camera with video chat and an upgrade to iChat, better battery life, a camera with higher resolution (and a flash), and advanced apps management and multitasking with iPhone OS 4.0.

Of course, this could be a last-minute "leak" to throw off all of us bloggers, but the consensus seems to be that the new iPhone will carry the iPhone HD moniker. Only during tomorrow's WWDC keynote will we know for sure.

Update: As numerous commenters are noting, the photo we're showing above has apparently been around for awhile. We receive so many faked images every day that it's sometimes hard to keep 'em straight. Sorry! However, you may want to still take a look at the Pursuitist post to see the gallery of photos that they're displaying, which may be just as fake.
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