Square Enix and Hideo Kojima collaborating on ... something

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Square Enix and Hideo Kojima collaborating on ... something
Extremely Twitter-happy Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto tweeted a picture of himself with Konami superstar Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid art director Yoji Shinkawa today, cryptically noting (according to Andriasang's translation) that "A new promotion with Hideo Kojima is set. Details will be shared at a later date."

Kojima and Square Enix have collaborated on a set of Peace Walker figurines under the company's Play Arts Kai line; in addition, Front Mission content is one of the many tie-ins included in Peace Walker. It's likely the next collaboration will be something similar. The picture was taken somewhere that Front Mission Evolved was being shown -- a game that Andriasang notes is being produced by Hashimoto -- so that could be a hint that a Metal Gear series cameo might occur in the upcoming mech game. Or it could be more photographs of the developers, as a little gift for the fans.
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