Shocker! Notion Ink Adam likely delayed (update)

Another day, another exciting tablet delayed. The Notion Ink Adam -- that 10-inch, Tegra 2-powered tablet with a Pixel Qi screen that we fell pretty hard for at CES -- is apparently going to be delayed. We can't say we're really at all surprised, but according to Slashgear, the company looks to be slipping past its Q3 ship date. Word got out that it wouldn't ship until November, though apparently there's still a sliver of a chance it could launch in some countries prior. The hold-up seems to have to do with "investor preferences," but Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan said it will be revealing the official launch date soon. We'll be waiting, but don't get offended if our doubts on a 2010 debut begin to swell.

Updated: We heard from Rohan and apparently the Adam will hit only some countries in November, the initial list of target countires will get the tablet earlier. He tells us pre-orders in the US will start soon!