FBI steps in to investigate iPad security breach

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.11.10

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FBI steps in to investigate iPad security breach
You might recall yesterday's news that a little trickery into AT&T's systems brought about the breach of 114,000 Apple iPad-owning email addresses. Now it seems the FBI has taken an interest in the case and has launched an investigation into the "potential cyber threat" of the snafu. As far as we know and have seen, the hackers were able to obtain just email addresses, although with that comes the knowledge that the victims in question own iPad 3Gs and don't mind AT&T's service -- don't click on any odd billing statements if you were affected. As stated previously, the carrier has subsequently apologized and proverbially "plugged the hole" from which the info was obtained. Not sure anything will come of this inquiry, but we'll let you know what we hear.
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