Modder installs Windows 7 onto JooJoo tablet, gets touch working (video)

Yeah, we had a few issues with the Linux build installed on Fusion Garage's JooJoo tablet, but were things really so bad that we needed to shoehorn Windows 7 onto the thing? Nah, but who wouldn't enjoy that challenge? One darkdavy has somehow been able to install a fresh copy of Win7 onto his JooJoo, and while he notes that it's currently running a wee bit warm, the touch panel is working and the battery is lasting around four hours on a full charge. Utilizing the stock hardware (a 4GB SSD and 1GB of RAM), he's experiencing "flawless" 720p movie playback, and various other members are mentioning successful installs of both Windows Embedded Compact 7 (via MSDN) and Windows 7 Home. The only major hang-ups are the lack of accelerometer support and the inability to use 3G, but we're pretty confident that both of those issues will be sorted in short order. Don't believe us? Head on past the break and mash play, and then hit the source link to get in on the fun yourself.

[Thanks, Mark]

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