Dell Streak car and AV docks now on sale, HDMI may or may not be included (update: included)

Hey England, in need of some retail therapy after an unsatisfying sporting weekend? Dell's got the goods for you with a rich new selection of cables, plugs, adapters, and cases for your new Streak. It looks like the HDMI dock we've been jonesing for has probably become a retail reality, but there's no way to be sure right now -- Dell's only listing an AV dock without going into the TV connectivity options. The fresh offerings also include the kickstand-equipped wallet case that we found intriguing, spare battery and sync cables, and an international travel kit. Of course, every silver lining has a cloud, which in this case is the pricing: nothing here costs less than £24 ($35) and the car- and TV-enabling docks will set you back a cool £55 ($80) each. Jumbo smartphone, jumbo accessory prices.

[Thanks, Kingsley]

Update: Dell's updated catalog now reflects HDMI connectivity on the AV dock. Phew!