iPad dev mugged at WWDC gets hooked up by Apple

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|06.14.10

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Victor Agreda Jr
June 14th, 2010
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iPad dev mugged at WWDC gets hooked up by Apple
San Francisco isn't the most dangerous city in the world, but like any major city it has its fair share of property crimes. When Chinese developer Stone (just the one name) came to San Francisco to attend WWDC at Apple's request (he worked on QQ, China's pick of IM clients for Tencent), I doubt he thought he would wind up getting mugged.

Last week, I saw my share of iPhones being used on the MUNI, but never an iPad. I guess we know why -- Stone pulled out his iPad on the bus and was promptly mugged. He wound up with a broken rib and some lumps on the head, plus a shattered iPad screen. Although the iPad still worked (don't forget, it is magical and revolutionary), the screen was pretty well demolished.

Stone went to the Apple Store and, upon hearing his plight, they gave him a shiny new one. The old one will be wiped and recycled, but before heading home the developer was treated to one of those trademark one-line Steve Jobs emails: "safe travels home." Stone still has to deal with the trauma of what happened, but it's nice to see Apple taking care of this guy. It's sad that he came all this way to be subjected to such violence.

[Via M.I.C Gadget]
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