Sony Ericsson 'Shakira' to be called the Xperia X8?

We hesitate to call these legit press shots -- as we've said before, Sony Ericsson fans are world-renowned for their capacity for high-quality fakery -- but German site has posted a bunch of renders of the so-called Shakira that look very possibly real to us. They're also saying that the phone will be dubbed the Xperia X8 at retail, a name that probably makes sense considering that the 3-inch Android phone is clearly designed to slot in below the high-end X10. Beyond that, we still don't have much to go on -- pricing, availability, target markets, and so on -- so we'll just hang out here on the edge of our seats for a while longer, or until we're distracted once again by the X10 mini pro's mind-numbing cuteness.

[Thanks, René]