Xbox 360 Arcade to eventually be replaced by $199 new Xbox 360; data transfer cable will be $20

Liking the form factor, but not the price? You could settle for an existing Xbox 360 Elite, Pro or Arcade, as we hear the introduction of the new Xbox 360 is being accompanied by a $50 price cut on existing units, but if your heart's set on that glossy black, there's a cheaper Stealthbox coming down the pike eventually. GameSpot reports a slim Xbox 360 Arcade successor will appear after the now-discontinued SKUs sell out for the same $200 as before. Not exactly surprising, but it's always nice to know.

And if you've preordered your shiny new Xbox 360 but have a older unit at home, you're going to need a little something to move those profiles, avatars and game licenses over. Should you have an Elite (or if you've upgraded your hard drive) you might find the cable you need between your couch cushions, but on the off-chance your Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data Migration Transfer Kit hit the dumpster long ago, you're not entirely out of luck. The one-way, single-use device will retail soon for $20, a mere $5 more than what it costs at the Microsoft Store -- or $19 more than used cables fetch on eBay.