Kinect priced at GameStop: $149, $399 for Elite bundle

Microsoft didn't say a peep about Kinect pricing at its E3 keynote, but GameStop isn't being shy: Kinect is now listed on the retailer's website for $149.99. The page is dead if you try to click through from search results, so it looks like the listing may have gone up in error -- we'll see if this is the real price come November 4. We'll let you know if we can confirm anything.

Update: And the hits keep coming: GameStop is now listing a $299 "Arcade Bundle" which obviously pairs a $149 Kinect with the now-$149 Arcade, as well as a $399 Elite bundle that seems to pair a $149 Kinect with the older Elite, which is now $249. So where's the bundle with the hot new 250GB Stealthbox? And are these the real prices? We'll have to wait and see.

Update 2: And now Walmart's confirming the November 4th ship date and $149 MSRP. C'mon Microsoft, what are you waiting for?