webOS 1.4.5 reportedly coming any day now... except for AT&T users

As friends very near and dear to us have confessed, "soon" is a relative term. If you'll recall, we heard from Palm (in)directly that the next webOS update was "coming soon" back in the early days of May, and here we are a fortnight from July without so much as an update regarding the update. Well, without an official update. A source over at Pre|Central has confirmed that a release of webOS 1.4.5 is "imminent," and while the primary purpose will be to get a better handle on PDK apps, it's also expected to finally bring 3D gaming to the oft-forgotten Pixi. Purportedly, carrier testing on the new OS is just about wrapped, with one unnamed operator waiting for a small bug to be squashed and AT&T simply waiting for waiting's sake. At any rate, we're still left twiddling our thumbs and hoping for the best, but at least we've a sliver of hope that our patience is about to pay off.