Final Fantasy XI reveals new and improved job abilities

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.18.10

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Final Fantasy XI reveals new and improved job abilities
Intellectually, Final Fantasy XI players knew that new job abilities were coming with the June version update. Five levels is the traditional interval for new abilities anyhow, and it would be silly not to include some form of upgrade. That being said, there's a world of difference between the vague concept of new job abilities and what's been revealed today in an actual list. The abilities being granted are both far-reaching and significant, including the retroactive inclusion of Dual Wield into a Dancer's bag of tricks at Level 20.

The added abilities and traits are rather different from the norm for the game's leveling scheme, coming at several different intervals along the path to 80. Notably absent are any new abilities for White and Red Mages, with Blue Mages having no specific abilities but rather a promise of new Blue Magic over the five-level spread. And the contents of that spread are quite interesting -- new rolls for Corsairs, steps for Dancers, bonuses to damage for Rangers, and bigger Absorbs for Dark Knights are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look and see what your Final Fantasy XI job of choice will have added to its bag of tricks next week.
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