Best Buy's iPhone 4 launch manual leaked?

Like the iPad launch guide before it, Best Buy's iPhone 4 launch plan has just made its wily way into our collective lap, replete with loads of details on how your favorite blue-shirted electronics salespersons are going to be spending their Thursday morning. While we've yet to see any hot scoops inside its two dozen pages (aside from some confusing, contradictory gibberish about whether Best Buy will have iPhones at launch at all) we have learned that stores will open up previously suspended preorders on launch day, accepting reservation fees for devices that customers can pick up at a later date. What we're not seeing here is anything about specific number of units, but there are various lines that caution against expecting much in the way of non-reserved phones -- should there be any, the guide advises first come first serve once the store opens. In other words, it's business as usual: call ahead and show up early. See some choice quotes from the playbook after the break.

  • "Unlike the 3G launch, Best Buy Mobile will be launching the iPhone 4 on launch day..." (page 2)

  • "Note: iPhone 4 devices will not be available on launch day. Once Apple confirms availability, we will communicate accordingly on Employee News." (page 3)

  • "As of June 16, pre-sales for iPhone 4 have been suspended. No additional pre-sales for customers or employees are allowed at this time." (page 2)

  • "If a customer would like to reserve an iPhone 4, stores may ring a pre-sale transaction before store hours so the customer does not need to wait in line... pre-sales may only be tendered until 11 a.m. local time." (page 11)

  • "Customer pays $50 in-store prior to launch date and receives a $50 Best Buy gift card... Customer sets an appointment with the Best Buy Mobile employee. The customer can then return to the store after the launch date to fulfill his or her appointment and pick up the handset... the $50 gift card can be used as partial payment, but doesn't have to be." (page 9)

  • "In the event the store has inventory available that has not been previously pre-sold, be sure not to sell these units prior to store open. Since we are not advertising an early open, any available inventory must be made available to customers on a first come first serve basis after normal store hours. If necessary use launch day tickets." (page 11)