HP discreetly introduces all-in-one 200xt, refreshes desktop lineup

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.20.10

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What, no red carpet unveiling for new desktops? It seems HP's portability-deficient PCs have gone through a number of tweaks as of late. The Pavilion and Slimline collection ranges from Intel Celerons and AMD Semprons to Core i5s and Phenoms. Pavilion Elites crank it up a notch further with numerous Phenom and Core i7 multi-core processors. All-in-one MS230z gets a recharge, too, but the TouchSmarts remain largely, erm, untouched since its late April cleanup. The closest we have to a new model here is the all-in-one 200xt, which really is just a 200t with Intel's Core 2010 chips. Exact details of the upgrades are sketchy, but the real takeaway here is that you were looking into a new HP desktop, now's as good of a time as any. Full list of updated models via LogicHP.
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