Graphene rolled out in 30-inch sheets, makes for one durable touchscreen (video)

Whether they're slated to power terahertz chips or transparent electrodes, graphene sheets have garnered tremendous excitement, but the scientific community has had great trouble making the single-atom-thick pencil lead lattices large enough for industrial use. Thankfully, the same South Korean scientists who brought us 10 centimeter film never abandoned their post, and now Sungkyunkwan University has composited 30-inch sheets of the stuff and prototyped a working touchscreen panel as well. Using a modified version of the popular chemical vapor disposition deposition (CVD) technique that grows the graphene on top of copper foil, they were able to produce a four-ply graphene stack with 90 percent transparency, plus resistance and durability reportedly superior to the dwindling indium supplies currently used in displays. Now let's see some 300mm wafers, eh? Watch one of the world's first graphene digitizers make its video debut after the break.