South Korean scientists get one step closer to graphene-based gadgets

Graphene-based gadgets are coming, we just know it. Trouble is, we're still a long, long ways away. That said, a team of South Korean scientists are bringing us ever closer to bendable, durable gizmos by creating a graphene film with a diameter of 10 centimeters by "adopting a conventional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique." Furthermore, the crew's development of what's being called the "world's first circuit patterning technology for the graphene film has the potential to replace silicon-based semiconductors." If this is just way too heavy for your mind to digest on a Friday, here's the skinny: the newfangled manufacturing process has, for all intents and purposes, overcome the limitations of graphene, which could not be made large enough for commercial applications in the past.

[Image courtesy of ScienceFriday, thanks Agustin]