WWDC App demos: Corkulous and Todo

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|06.23.10

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Victor Agreda Jr
June 23rd, 2010
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Corkulous is an iPad app that attempts to simulate a real cork board (similar to Kai Cherry's KorQBord, which we've mentioned before). You can add notes, labels and photos, and you can add boards inside of boards, which gives you almost infinitely nestable surface areas to play in.

Of all the bulletin board apps I've seen out there, Corkulous likely wins for the ease-of-use and power tools. It's a healthy mix on both sides that'll get you using it quickly, but gives just enough tools to get the job done. One thing they are working on is my #1 complaint: zooming. Being able to zoom out and see things in a mind map-style format would be very useful. Check the video above for a walkthrough of this app.

I was a big fan of the Todo app on my iPhone, as it was surprisingly versatile for a "simple" to-do app. Unfortunately, I didn't much like the Appigo Mac application used to sync because it was tied to one machine and didn't loop into any other services I used. I went to Things for a while, but when the iPad version of Todo emerged, I took another look.

In fact, I dusted off my old Toodledo account and jumped right back into what is now a very elegant end-to-end solution. Check out the video on the next page for a brief look at Todo. Note that Todo does a lot of great things, and we'll do a deeper dive into functionality later in the summer.
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