Art Lebedev stacks Optimus Popularis keys up against Maximus: smaller, higher res

Art Lebedev gave us an update on its slimmer, long-promised Optiumus Popularis keyboard last month, but the design shop hasn't ever provided many concrete details about it apart from the fact that it won't be OLED-based this time around. We now at least know a bit more about those all-important keys, however, which are said to be both smaller and higher-res than the OLED keys on the Optiumus Maximus -- 15 mm square and 64 x 64, to be specific -- and have a much smaller "inactive" area (as illustrated by the gray border above). Still not much more than that, unfortunately, but this is Art Lebedev, so you can count on a trickle of information to continue right up until the keyboard rolls out at the end of this year / early next year -- assuming it isn't delayed, that is.