Windows Phone 7's October release casually mentioned in Microsoft ad presentation

"I'm gonna ask rock star Kostas... to come on. And Kostas has brought with him Windows Phone 7, which we launch this October." So sayeth Microsoft VP for Marketing Mich Mathews in introducing GM of Live Labs' Kostas Mallios, who was at the Cannes Lions advertising conference to show off the advertising capabilities of the upcoming smartphone platform. Of course, last we heard, the official company line on WP7's release was "holiday 2010," so this would definitely narrow the launch window quite a bit, as well as corroborates earlier Telstra roadmap leaks. Not an official statement, but Mathews would definitely be someone in the know here. Don't expect the folks in Redmond to go ahead and confirm -- they work on their own schedule, thank you very much -- but should someone 'fess up, can we also talk about that $150 Kinect price? Video after the break.

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