Fast Forward electric pedals could make your bike power itself

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|06.25.10

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Fast Forward electric pedals could make your bike power itself
Every electric bike we've seen, and we've seen quite a few, relies on motors that are either attached to the wheels or somehow integrated in to the chain drive. Efficient, perhaps, but not exactly trivial to retrofit onto an existing cycle. Stephen Britt's Fast Forward pedals take a rather more ingenious and, honestly, simple approach: put the motors in the pedals. When your feet are resting on the pedals and their motors start a spinning the result is a bike that basically powers itself. We're a bit doubtful that this kind of tech could actually push a bike up a hill without some effort from the dude or dudette in the saddle, and we suspect that the motors having to lift your legs up and down doesn't help their efficiency, but it is an interesting solution that should work on nearly any bike. You can see it in motion at the source link and, while you're there, take a moment to give Mr. Britt your vote. If he wins he'll get £50,000 to make these a reality -- and to give your lazy butt a little assistance on the ride home.
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