The Jimmy Fallon Test: is the iPhone 4 dropping fewer calls?

If you watched the most recent episode of The Engadget Show, then you know that Jimmy Fallon had a lot to say about the iPhone -- particularly the fact that he's been fed up with his 3GS' dropped calls, and was planning a jump to an Android device on Verizon if the iPhone 4 didn't improve things. You see, he takes a path through Midtown Manhattan where his calls are dropped in two specific locations on a daily basis. In his words: "It cuts out at 27th st. and cuts out again around 47th st., and it's awful, I can't take it." Jimmy told us that he'd test the path with the iPhone 4 and see if things improved, and he's recounted what happened yesterday in an email:

I did the experiment. I tried to stay on the phone from downtown Manhattan to Midtown with no dropped calls. (usually I get 2 drops)

I got..... (drum roll)

No dropped calls!!! Not one.

I'm a believer.

iPhone 4.

So like us, he's getting better reception on the new phone (despite the antenna issues). What about you guys? We know that there are definitely noticeable, real signal issues, but how has your connection been? More dropped calls or less? Let us know in the poll below!