Around the world with Geo Walk

Geo Walk

is a clever little iPhone app from Vito Technology, the developers who produced the breathtaking Star Walk astronomy app for the iPad and iPhone.

Geo Walk doesn't explore deep space; it explores our own varied planet. You start with a 3D globe and spin it to any part of the world you want to explore. Little bubbles appear, and you can click on them to get interesting info on places, historical figures, flora, and fauna. Think of Geo Walk as a world fact book at your fingertips.

There are 300 entries in the app, each with photos and text. You can filter the objects displayed, so if you are only interested in visiting places, you can do that.


The app is very responsive to touch, and the interface is clever. The only problem I see is that it is light on information; usually, there is no more than a short paragraph on any subject. If I were creating this app, I would provide Wikipedia links for more information and more photos. I think I'd also utilize the GPS function built into the iPhone, so as I traveled the world, I could see what is near me that might be interesting.

I think the app is likely designed for young people, but even if that's the case, the dearth of information might not satisfy an inquisitive youngster. With only 300 articles, it will quickly wear out.

For US $0.99, the app is not over priced, but I think this developer could have done more with it, especially in light of the really excellent Star Walk app. I'm hoping this app will improve with more information and features over time.