Verizon iPhone in January, claims Bloomberg

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Bloomberg says Verizon will get the iPhone... sometime in January. Yep, it's another fuzzy rumor sourced from "two people familiar with the plans," and while we really do believe Big Red will eventually get the iPhone in our lifetimes, at this point we're beyond cynical about pieces like this -- chatter about a Verizon iPhone now regularly reaches deafening levels before crashing down in yet another cloud of AT&T-exclusive dust. However, if you must insist on living this impossible dream, Bloomy's latest rumor does at least line up with the piece from the Wall Street Journal in March claiming that CDMA iPhone would begin production in September, giving Apple plenty of time to ramp up for a January launch.

Of course, we have to wonder if it's the smartest move to announce the hotly-anticipated Verizon iPhone right after the holiday buying season, and we can't imagine all those iPhone 4 buyers who were just enticed into signing new two-year AT&T contracts are going to be happy to discover they could have waited and escaped the Blue, but we'll have to wait and see -- Apple just told us that they "don't comment on rumors and speculation" when we pinged them and asked for comment. Fingers crossed, we suppose.