iMovie for iPhone gets a cheeky hack for jailbroken 3GS, runs well-oiled

Not feeling hot about the trouble-prone iPhone 4, but still tempted by its optional iMovie app? Now you have a choice! Turns out to run said app on other devices (including iPod touch, supposedly) running iOS 3.0 and above, all you need are a jailbroken iOS device, iMovie for iPhone from the App Store, and two quick edits in the app's info.plist file -- change minimum system version to "3.0.0" and front-facing-camera to "false." Sounds easy enough, although we've yet to see the hacked app actually running on devices other than the 3GS demoed in the video after the break. And sorry, Redmond Pie's already confirmed that this sucker doesn't work on the iPad... yet.