Popbox's Netflix-less launch now scheduled for July 23

Our wait for the Syabas Popbox just got a little longer, with the official blog announcing it will not ship from Amazon until July 23. Like the Boxee Box, the delay is being blamed on software being not "quite where we wanted it to be" but the real bad news here is the official list of content partners which, for the time being, is missing Netflix. Also not included (but likely not as missed) is SDTV support -- even via analog outputs, the Popbox is apparently an HDTV only affair. As far as whether we will ever see Netflix support Syabas is still giving it the Voldemort treatment, but without naming names it refuted rumors regarding a lack of hardware DRM support with the claim that "the PopBox that ships is, TODAY, capable of supporting all foreseeable App partners in the future WITHOUT requiring a hardware upgrade." Check the blog for a complete list of content providers (Revision3, YouTube, Picasa, Clicker, Twitter and others will be ready to go) and decide if that preorder is still worth holding on to.