Motorola Quench (and CLIQ?) XT3 / XT5 get an FCC reveal

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.01.10

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Motorola Quench (and CLIQ?) XT3 / XT5 get an FCC reveal
Remember that so-called XT502 "Greco" from Motorola that the Bluetooth SIG slipped a few details on last month? We can't blame you if you don't, so allow us to refresh your memory: it's supposedly a full-touch Android device with 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz 3G, and from the looks of the tiny, crappy image they'd posted, it'd probably be a midrange phone. Well, the FCC just passed a Motorola handset codenamed "Greco," conveniently, and a look at the test docs says that this phone will be known on the market as the Quench XT3 and XT5 (we're not sure what the difference will be between the two exactly). As you might recall, the current Quench is the international version of the CLIQ XT, which makes perfect sense -- the XT is a midrange full-touch Android phone, so as far as we can tell, we're looking at its successor here. No word on who will be getting it in the US, but the version that's been approved is for WCDMA bands II and V -- so AT&T (which already offers the Backflip) seems the likely candidate. No firmware stupidity this time, alright, guys?
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