Vindictus enters closed beta

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Vindictus enters closed beta
Blood, guts, and shiny graphics -- if you've been waiting to see more of Nexon's upcoming gritty MMO, Vindictus, then we've got good news for you. Or, potentially good news if you're quick! According to a message that just recently went out from the Vindictus Facebook page, Nexon is now accepting applicants for the first round of closed beta testing!

However, before you charge over to their site, be warned -- this isn't your typical free-to-play closed beta sign-up. Once you've logged into your Nexon account and hit the shiny button to apply, you will actually be taken to a short application form that will ask you not only about your gaming history, but what you're looking forward to in Vindictus, and what you expect to gain from being on the front line of beta testers. If we had to guess, it sounds like they're actually looking for testers as opposed to people who would simply like to use closed beta as an early free trial -- something they seem to be discouraging if that form is any indication.

Nonetheless, if you're interested in slaying bugs while slaying monsters, then head on over to the Vindictus site and get signed up for the closed beta before July 19th. From there, you'll have to check back on the 22nd to see if you got in. [Note: We are told that the signups are being restricted to the US & Canada only at this time.]

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