Global Agenda rolls out the next phase of Sandstorm to the test servers

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.04.10

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Global Agenda rolls out the next phase of Sandstorm to the test servers
To call the huge 1.3 patch to Global Agenda ambitious would almost be an understatement, considering how much of the game's basic structure was rewritten. It was so ambitious, in fact, that there were several features that wound up being slightly delayed from the initial release. And while the focus of late has been on the game's shift in subscription model (namely to the complete absence of one), several of the remaining features have just been deployed to the game's test servers in time for the holiday weekend.

One of the bigger additions is the persistent PvE zone being added, the Sonoran Desert, aimed at players between level 5 and 15. On top of that, the team is adding in the option to Salvage unwanted equipment for parts, a persistent defense raid for players past level 30, and the addition of consumable items. While the holiday weekend is set to be the first testing weekend of several, it's the ideal time to get a feel for the next major addition to the game. Global Agenda players are encouraged to check the changes out, and new players would be well-served to remember that the game is on sale right through July 4th on Steam.
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