ASUS U43JC and U43F show up at Best Buy boastin' bamboo bods

ASUS has been showing off bamboo laptops at trade shows for about three years now, but actual machines adorned in the special wood haven't quite made it to market for what we'd call affordable prices... until now. The sub-$1,000 U43JC and U43F have been hanging out on Best Buy's website for the last couple of days, and will be shipping towards the end of the month. Internally, these two 14-inchers certainly match their strong exterior -- the $999 U43JC is a lot like the U30Jc we reviewed a few months ago with its Core i5-450M processor, NVIDIA Optimus / GeForce 310M graphics, and a 640GB hard drive. The $950 U43F has the same Core i5 processor, but instead sticks with Intel's graphics to get some WiDi bragging rights. We're planning to review at least one of these puppies in due time , but hey, don't let that deter you from hitting those pre-order links below.