Exclusive screenshots from Fantasy Earth Zero

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.08.10

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Exclusive screenshots from Fantasy Earth Zero
One of the big sells that TERA has been focusing on in the lead-up to its official release is the idea that combat is entirely real-time, but like most great ideas in MMOs, it's not the first title to use combat with no lock-on and an action-based environment. Fantasy Earth Zero might be easily mistaken for yet another grind-based Asian game at a glance, but the actual mechanics of play combined with skill-based PvP make for a very different creature -- and yes, one wherein combat happens without any sort of target lock.

Gamepot USA was kind enough to furnish us with a few shots of the game in action during one of the large PvP battles, which showcase a faction of the strategic combat taking place on contested maps. The process of gathering resources and controlling towers is one of the dominant elements of gameplay, to the point where some reviewers have gone so far as to call the game an MMORTS in spirit. Take a look at the gallery, and consider giving Fantasy Earth Zero some of your time over the summer if you want something more different than it looks.

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