Heroes of Gaia announces LeBron James giveaway

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Heroes of Gaia announces LeBron James giveaway
So are you all set to watch The Decision tonight? Will LeBron James stay put, or is your money on the Knicks gaining a new team member? Would you like to make the guesswork a little more interesting?

The team at Heroes of Gaia is doing just that with their LeBron James giveaway, and it couldn't be easier for Heroes of Gaia players to participate. To enter the giveaway, send an email to community@snailgamesusa.com telling them the name of the team you think he'll choose along with your gamertag and server name. Get the email in before 9PM Eastern tonight for your chance to win $25 worth of in-game prizes.

The contest is open to all HoG players, so check out all the details on the forums, and good luck!
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