Artist uses GPS to map things the old-fashioned way: walking around

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|07.09.10

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Artist uses GPS to map things the old-fashioned way: walking around
Back in the day, our homeboys Magellan, Lewis, Clark, Rand, and McNally didn't have anything better to do than walk around, look at stuff, and make some maps. Then along came people like Google, hell-bent on semi-automating via satellite what used to be a really down-to-earth task.

In 2010, mapmaker and artist Jeremy Wood has found a way to get his kicks via satellite and pedestrianism. His latest project Traverse Me is a simple enough idea: walk around in the defined area with a GPS unit and end up with a 1:1 scale map of where he walked. Wood traversed the University of Warwick (avoiding paths and roads when possible) over 17 days and ended up with a plot of a very human-looking 238 miles.

While they certainly aren't very useful for getting from point A to point B, Wood's maps unveil a weird new kind of topography. They don't particularly want to make us visit the University of Warwick, but we certainly wouldn't mind hanging prints of some of these bad boys on our living room walls.
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