Hacker uses Nixie Tubes to make Sudoku interesting

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|07.09.10

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Hacker uses Nixie Tubes to make Sudoku interesting
We are far too impatient for games like Sudoku, but we can appreciate a boss hack, such as the one that recently popped up over at Trashbear Labs. This contraption uses Nixie Tubes to solve Sudoku puzzles (with help from a modified version of code provided by Edwin Chan). By far, our favorite part of the contraption is the hardware itself: sort of looks like something from a nuclear submarine, doesn't it? Strike that: it's more like a nuclear fun-marine! (Wow, we even groaned a little there). Video after the break, and hit the source link for all the design files necessary to build your own!

[Thanks, Thomas]

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