Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 reviewed, premium features warrant its premium price

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|07.09.10

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Another entrant has entered the Micro Four Thirds ring, and it's Panasonic delivering the Lumix DMC-G2 -- a new shooter with similar still performance but, this time, some rather nice enhancements, the most major being a three-inch articulating touchscreen. You can control some aspects of the camera with a touch, perhaps most useful being tap-to-focus augmented by the camera keeping focus on whatever you tapped on, even if it moves around. But, a full suite of physical buttons and dials still await your fingers, enabling you to tweak settings without fiddling with menus. The 720p video recording now supports AVCHD, giving your SDHC or SDXC memory card a break, and there's an input for an optional stereo mic. Ultimately still performance here is said to be identical to Panasonic's more budget-minded DMC-G10, which clocks in $200 cheaper than the G2's MSRP of $799, but lacks 720p video and the fancy touchscreen. Worth the extra cost? That depends on how deep your pockets are.

Update: DP Review has its review up as well.
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