TERA's Jason Mical talks community, crafting

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|07.10.10

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TERA's Jason Mical talks community, crafting
TERAHispano has a new interview with En Masse Entertainment community director Jason "BrotherMagneto" Mical. The TERA developer weighs in on a wide range of subjects including what it takes to be a community director, working at En Masse, and a bit of teaser regarding equipment and crafting.

"The current plan is to make the highest-end items exclusive to raid boss drops, but crafted items can come very close to these high-end items. We'll talk more about the crafting and enchanting systems soon, and get more in-depth about what exactly that means," Michal says.

He goes on to chat about his PR experiences, and how they help him channel both En Masse's and Bluehole Studio's vision of TERA into a coherent and community-focused message. "Apart from working on TERA, a great game, the attraction of En Masse is that the company is small enough -- and daring enough -- that the marketing team (including community) has a lot of latitude to do some really cutting-edge stuff," he says.

View the full interview at TERAHispano.
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