Sunday Morning Funnies: Huff huff bing!

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|07.11.10

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Huff huff bing!

This week's list is long, so I'll get straight to the point! Note: If you're the artist of one of the comics on this list, please pass through the break for a special, clearly super secret club message.
This week, I have devoted a special section to comic artists who chose to comment on the Real ID fiasco through their art. Note to Comic Artists: In the days, perhaps weeks, to come, I will be developing an SMF gallery guide. I won't be including everyone; however, if you update regularly, you can almost guarantee that you'll be featured.

If you would like, you can help determine how your comic will be represented. Just contact us (put my name, or Sunday Morning Funnies, in the subject line) for the specifics, such as image size. You could suggest, or custom-make, an image for the gallery, or supply me with information you would like to see in the guide.

If you don't find yourself in the guide once it is published, never fear. Everyone has the opportunity to be included; don't worry about being "good enough." You just need to publish regularly, and of course, participating here each week, while not required, is always appreciated by both myself and the readers.

If you don't have time to give me suggestions, it won't mean that you won't be featured. I just thought I would offer everyone the opportunity to create something or direct the information that I include (note that I said 'direct' - ultimately, the editorial choices will be mine).

I should also probably clarify one point: This is unrelated to the weekly list. Everyone will still be featured every week, no matter how often you take a hiatus, or draw about non-WoW-related subject matter.
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